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Mud and fun in a swamp near York   
September 15, 2002
Eleven vehicles tackle a swamp near York and a few other interesting bits on the way back to Perth.

We used Doogs prepared trip notes and headed back out to York. 12 participants turned up for my first trip as leader. We met at the usual parking bay just over the top of Greenmount hill. Then, a nice trip out towards York. After turning off we travelled through the bush a bit. Given the recent rains there wasn't a huge amount of water on the ground but there were some substantial individual puddles to drive through. So we did. Our first stop was at the lookout. The kids collected some reptiles while the rest had a short morning tea and a look over the scenery. Our next stop just down the road was the swamp. The intention was for those not interested in the mud to have lunch and for the rest of us to play. As it turned out, everyone played and then had lunch followed by more playing. I really can't complain about that. Last time we only made it a little way around the swamp.

After lunch we also had to recover Brendon when his V8 swallowed a little bit too much water. We tried doing a tow-start but ended up dragging him back through all the mud to the picnic area.

As you can see from the final photo, driving across the swamp meant picking up lots of reeds. After leaving the swamp we drove through some more puddles (cleaning off some mud along the way) we found the gully playground area. We spent some time in here too. On the way out towards the power line track we found a nice puddle and used it for a photo opportunity. After a navigational error on my part we (eventually) found ourselves back at the powerline track. Several of our party headed back to Perth at this point while a few of us went up the powerline track in search of more water. Following this we made our way back to Great Eastern Highway, aired up and back into Perth.
EX000001.JPG P0004902.JPG P0004903.JPG P0004904.JPG P0004905.JPG
P0004906.JPG P0004907.JPG P0004908.JPG P0004909.JPG P0004910.JPG
P0004911.JPG P0004912.JPG P0004913.JPG P0004914.JPG P0004915.JPG
P0004916.JPG P0004917.JPG P0004918.JPG P0004919.JPG P0004920.JPG
P0004921.JPG P0004922.JPG P0004923.JPG P0004924.JPG P0004925.JPG
P0004926.JPG P0004927.JPG P0004928.JPG P0004929.JPG
Small people with small reptiles.
The swamp!
P0004932.JPG P0004933.JPG P0004934.JPG P0004935.JPG
P0004936.JPG P0004937.JPG P0004938.JPG
Nice effort.
P0004939.JPG P0004940.JPG
P0004941.JPG P0004942.JPG P0004943.JPG
Also a good effort.
P0004944.JPG P0004945.JPG
P0004946.JPG P0004947.JPG P0004948.JPG P0004949.JPG P0004950.JPG
P0004951.JPG P0004952.JPG P0004953.JPG P0004954.JPG P0004955.JPG
P0004956.JPG P0004957.JPG P0004958.JPG P0004959.JPG P0004960.JPG
P0004961.JPG P0004962.JPG P0004963.JPG P0004964.JPG P0004965.JPG
P0004966.JPG P0004967.JPG P0004968.JPG P0004969.JPG P0004970.JPG
P0004971.JPG P0004972.JPG P0004973.JPG P0004974.JPG P0004975.JPG
P0004976.JPG P0004977.JPG
P0004978.JPG P0004979.JPG P0004980.JPG
P0004981.JPG P0004982.JPG P0004983.JPG P0004984.JPG P0004985.JPG
P0004986.JPG P0004987.JPG P0004988.JPG P0004989.JPG P0004990.JPG
P0004991.JPG P0004992.JPG P0004993.JPG P0004994.JPG P0004995.JPG
The results of playing.
P0004997.JPG P0004998.JPG P0004999.JPG P0005000.JPG
P0005001.JPG P0005002.JPG P0005003.JPG
Wasn't this car red?
P0005004.JPG P0005005.JPG
P0005006.JPG P0005007.JPG P0005008.JPG P0005009.JPG P0005010.JPG
P0005011.JPG P0005012.JPG P0005013.JPG P0005014.JPG P0005015.JPG
P0005016.JPG P0005017.JPG P0005018.JPG P0005019.JPG P0005020.JPG
In the gullies.
P0005021.JPG P0005022.JPG P0005023.JPG P0005024.JPG P0005025.JPG
P0005026.JPG P0005027.JPG P0005028.JPG P0005029.JPG P0005030.JPG
P0005031.JPG P0005032.JPG P0005033.JPG P0005034.JPG P0005035.JPG
P0005036.JPG P0005037.JPG P0005038.JPG P0005039.JPG P0005040.JPG
P0005041.JPG P0005042.JPG P0005043.JPG P0005044.JPG P0005045.JPG
P0005046.JPG P0005047.JPG
Nice air!
P0005048.JPG P0005049.JPG P0005050.JPG
P0005051.JPG P0005052.JPG P0005053.JPG P0005054.JPG
Puddle shots.
P0005056.JPG P0005057.JPG P0005058.JPG P0005059.JPG P0005060.JPG
P0005061.JPG P0005062.JPG P0005063.JPG P0005064.JPG
On the powerline track.
P0005066.JPG P0005067.JPG P0005068.JPG P0005069.JPG P0005070.JPG
P0005071.JPG P0005072.JPG P0005073.JPG P0005074.JPG P0005075.JPG
P0005076.JPG P0005077.JPG P0005078.JPG P0005079.JPG P0005080.JPG
P0005081.JPG P0005082.JPG P0005083.JPG P0005084.JPG P0005085.JPG
P0005086.JPG P0005087.JPG P0005089.JPG P0005090.JPG P0005091.JPG
P0005092.JPG P0005093.JPG P0005094.JPG P0005095.JPG P0005096.JPG