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Moore River Mud   
April 19, 2003
Three cars and a lot of mud. What else can I say?

It was the Easter weekend and all through the house, nothing was stirring, not even a.... Wait a minute. Wrong holiday.

Anyway, MacGyver, Gadget and I decided the the Blackwood River (where the rest of the club had gone to) was just too far away and wasn't muddy enough. So, we headed up to the Moore River area to one of our favourite mud playgrounds. And (as Gadget said on the way back) we weren't disappointed.

Our valiant travellers for the day were: Gadget had his "real" mud tyres on and was sporting a new lift kit but was missing his roo-bar (and therefore winch - very important) due to a mishap on the road.

Macca and I missed Gadget at the meeting point, but I snapped a photo while we waited a bit further up the road. Note the cleanliness of the cars... Next stop was the playground - we didn't waste much time and dove (drove?) straight in. Through the course of the day, all of us got stuck at least once. Gadget really only was hung up on his diffs when the wheel ruts got to deep - MacGyver and I had less traction (not having mud tyres) but were also getting the diff dragging problem as we have smaller wheels - Macca runs 33 inch tyres and I run 31's as opposed to Gadget's 34 or 35 inch mud tyres. After this we headed down to the river to wash the cars off a a bit. I managed to soak my air filter which promplt destroyed itself and I hit a large submerged log, denting a rim severely (I could feel it hitting on the steering knuckle), necessitating a wheel change on the sand in the middle of the river. We made our way out to the highway, inflated tyres and went on our merry way home. Overall not, too many bits of damage. I was having major power-loss issues because the air filter was being sucked down by the engine vacuum, so had to stop and jury-rig it so that at least some air made it in. Gadget managed to break a tail-light on a tree that nature had placed in the way but other than that, a great day out.

Thanks to Gadget and MacGyver for taking me along - I had a blast and managed to get mud and water everywhere - inside and out...
EX000001.JPG P0006246.JPG
Nice and clean at the start
P0006247.JPG P0006248.JPG
Gadget in first
P0006250.JPG P0006251.JPG P0006252.JPG
Nice rut where Gadget's diff dragged
P0006253.JPG P0006254.JPG
P0006255.JPG P0006256.JPG P0006257.JPG P0006258.JPG
P0006260.JPG P0006261.JPG P0006262.JPG P0006263.JPG P0006264.JPG
P0006265.JPG P0006266.JPG P0006267.JPG P0006268.JPG
That's a short car you have there, Macca
Macca stuck
P0006270.JPG P0006271.JPG
Macca stuck
P0006272.JPG P0006273.JPG P0006274.JPG
P0006275.JPG P0006276.JPG
Getting dirtier
Nice look!
P0006278.JPG P0006279.JPG
Kids and mud - what a combination
P0006280.JPG P0006281.JPG
Kids and mud
P0006282.JPG P0006283.JPG
Kids and mud
P0006285.JPG P0006286.JPG P0006287.JPG P0006288.JPG P0006289.JPG
Gadget and mud
P0006290.JPG P0006291.JPG P0006292.JPG P0006293.JPG P0006294.JPG
P0006295.JPG P0006296.JPG P0006297.JPG P0006298.JPG P0006299.JPG
Gadget and mud
P0006300.JPG P0006301.JPG
Gadget stuck
P0006302.JPG P0006303.JPG P0006304.JPG
Another nice diff rut
Note the mud in front of the axle
P0006306.JPG P0006307.JPG P0006308.JPG P0006309.JPG
P0006310.JPG P0006311.JPG P0006312.JPG P0006313.JPG P0006314.JPG
P0006315.JPG P0006316.JPG
P0006317.JPG P0006318.JPG P0006319.JPG
P0006320.JPG P0006321.JPG P0006322.JPG P0006323.JPG P0006324.JPG
P0006325.JPG P0006326.JPG P0006327.JPG P0006328.JPG P0006329.JPG
P0006330.JPG P0006331.JPG P0006332.JPG
Go Macca!
P0006333.JPG P0006334.JPG
Brettski stuck
P0006335.JPG P0006336.JPG P0006337.JPG
Brettski stuck deeper
P0006338.JPG P0006339.JPG
Still stuck
ExplorOz advertising
P0006342.JPG P0006343.JPG
Fast Gadget
P0006345.JPG P0006346.JPG
Getting dirtier
P0006347.JPG P0006348.JPG
Dented rim
Dented rim
Collapsed air filter
P0006351.JPG P0006352.JPG
At the end