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Moore River   
February 9, 2002
A few of us tackle the Moore River again to do a reccie for Skip's night navigation.

I hadn't been out on a trip in quite a while and Skip was going to take a look around the Moore River area with a GPS to try and work out some ideas for an upcoming night navigation exercise. So, I asked myself along. Dennis got wind of it so I pulled a favour and he came too. Therefore, our contenders for the day were: Seeing as we were around the Moore River, it made sense to try as many river crossings as possible. As you can see from the photos, the water was not very deep but some of the entries and exits were challenging. After our last trip we hadn't learnt any lessons at all so we drove down the river. This all went really well until we climbed up a small sand bank. It required a reasonable run-up to get over the top but even on the other side it was pretty soft. I wasn't driving due to a pretty heavy night but Jon had a go. The results speak for themselves. After a short recovery we headed off down the river again. Dennis passed us along the way, providing some evidence of the disadvantages of a soft-top vehicle without a roof on. At this point we were tail-end and had a small, unexplained radio failure. Murphy was with us and we missed a warning about a very boggy patch at the next entry into the river. Just as the radio came back on, we found it all by ourselves. Skip came back to rescue us and got stuck in the same spot. At this point we were running out of cars to bog, so Dennis stayed out in the middle of the river. While recovering me he dug a nice 80-series sized hole in the river. So, I recovered him, he recovered Skip (who was sinking) and we were underway again. Phew. Leaving the river, Skip found a hole in the ground to play in. Climbing the side, he lifted a wheel and ran out of traction. I also had a play on a small mound close by. After this, we went up and down just about every track in the area so that the GPS could show everything. We went on ahead of Skip and Dennis through some very thick bush and ran out of track on the way back. Many trees were collected and came home with us. All in all, it was a fun day. To those going on the night nav, I have no idea where Skip intends to send us. Bummer, that.
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