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Moore River and mud   
June 23, 2001
Eleven vehicles tackle the Moore River and a convenient mud hole. Almost everyone gets stuck.

After what looked like a very fun mud run previously, West Coast 4x4 invited us along to their next trip which was to try the same track again. Naturally, we accepted - after all you can't turn down a mud run for no good reason. You can find pictures of their previous trip here and here. There was a huge turnout for the day. The basic plan was to head for the mud via short detour on the Moore River. That's pretty much how it turned out...

As usual, things were pretty clean at the start. Along the way to the river, we stopped to let down the tyres a bit as the sand was getting a little soft. The first stop at the river was quite nice. Good for a picnic, but not much opportunity to cross. Still, the kids and the dog got out and had a bit of a splash around. At our next stop, there was plenty of opportunities to not only cross the river but play around like the big kids we are. So, we did. The water wasn't too deep so much fun was had. Rather than check how high the bank was first, I drove off into the river on someones suggestion. Rather, I attempted to. Unfortunantely, it was very high and I didn't make it down. Whoops. Chris came to the rescue and dragged me off. Chris then decided to try and climb up the same bank. Without a huge degree of success. He did eventually make it up by going diagonally. Off we went down the river. Rather than taking the easy path and use the tracks along the bank, we used the river instead. This was quite ok and we found a nice place to park while Froggy went on ahead. Froggy get himself stuck in a huge hole, so we wandered off to do the recovery. There are pictures of his troubles on the other site. While on the way there, I got stuck in a large hole myself which everyone else (somehow) miraculously managed to avoid. I don't have any photos of me in the hole (but Skip does - here and here). Instead, I have a picture of me in the hole after we took the car out. It was rather deep and we broke a snatch strap belonging to Skip while we did the recovery. If I had been about a foot either side, I wouldn't have found the hole. After our little river adventures, we had lunch and headed off to the mud. This consumed most of the afternoon, and rather than provide commentary, here are a whole heap of pictures. At the end of the day, my little truck was quite dirty. As we were driving back, the rain came down and washed off some of the mud. Bummer. I should note there was also a lot of mud inside the car. As you may have guessed from the numbering scheme, there are a whole heap of photos not up here. If you'd like to see them all or like a set emailed to you, contact me. The photos on the site are also one quarter the size of the actual shots, so if you would like a higher res copy (for printing or viewing) email me.
P0000001.JPG P0000002.JPG P0000003.JPG P0000004.JPG P0000005.JPG
P0000006.JPG P0000007.JPG P0000008.JPG P0000009.JPG P0000010.JPG
P0000011.JPG P0000012.JPG P0000013.JPG P0000014.JPG P0000015.JPG
P0000016.JPG P0000017.JPG P0000018.JPG P0000019.JPG P0000020.JPG
P0000021.JPG P0000022.JPG P0000023.JPG P0000024.JPG P0000025.JPG
P0000026.JPG P0000027.JPG P0000028.JPG P0000029.JPG P0000030.JPG
P0000031.JPG P0000032.JPG P0000033.JPG P0000034.JPG P0000035.JPG
P0000036.JPG P0000037.JPG P0000038.JPG P0000039.JPG P0000040.JPG
P0000041.JPG P0000042.JPG P0000043.JPG P0000044.JPG P0000045.JPG
P0000046.JPG P0000047.JPG P0000048.JPG P0000049.JPG P0000050.JPG
P0000051.JPG P0000052.JPG P0000053.JPG P0000054.JPG P0000055.JPG
P0000056.JPG P0000057.JPG P0000058.JPG P0000059.JPG P0000060.JPG
Damn - should've gone faster
P0000062.JPG P0000063.JPG P0000064.JPG P0000065.JPG
P0000066.JPG P0000067.JPG P0000068.JPG P0000069.JPG P0000070.JPG
P0000071.JPG P0000072.JPG P0000073.JPG P0000074.JPG P0000075.JPG
P0000076.JPG P0000077.JPG P0000078.JPG P0000079.JPG P0000080.JPG
P0000081.JPG P0000082.JPG P0000083.JPG P0000084.JPG P0000085.JPG
P0000086.JPG P0000087.JPG P0000088.JPG P0000090.JPG
This is the hole I was stuck in
P0000092.JPG P0000093.JPG P0000094.JPG P0000095.JPG P0000096.JPG
P0000097.JPG P0000098.JPG P0000099.JPG
So much mud - so little time
P0000100.JPG P0000101.JPG
P0000103.JPG P0000104.JPG P0000105.JPG P0000106.JPG P0000107.JPG
P0000108.JPG P0000109.JPG P0000110.JPG P0000111.JPG P0000112.JPG
P0000113.JPG P0000114.JPG P0000115.JPG P0000116.JPG P0000117.JPG
P0000118.JPG P0000119.JPG P0000120.JPG P0000121.JPG P0000122.JPG
P0000123.JPG P0000124.JPG P0000125.JPG P0000126.JPG P0000127.JPG
P0000128.JPG P0000129.JPG P0000130.JPG P0000131.JPG P0000132.JPG
P0000133.JPG P0000134.JPG P0000135.JPG P0000136.JPG P0000137.JPG
P0000138.JPG P0000139.JPG P0000140.JPG P0000141.JPG P0000142.JPG
P0000144.JPG P0000145.JPG P0000146.JPG P0000147.JPG P0000148.JPG
P0000149.JPG P0000150.JPG P0000151.JPG P0000152.JPG P0000153.JPG
P0000154.JPG P0000155.JPG P0000156.JPG P0000157.JPG P0000158.JPG
P0000159.JPG P0000160.JPG P0000161.JPG P0000162.JPG P0000163.JPG
P0000164.JPG P0000165.JPG P0000166.JPG P0000167.JPG P0000168.JPG
P0000169.JPG P0000170.JPG P0000173.JPG P0000174.JPG P0000175.JPG
P0000176.JPG P0000177.JPG P0000179.JPG P0000180.JPG P0000181.JPG
P0000182.JPG P0000183.JPG P0000184.JPG P0000185.JPG P0000186.JPG
P0000187.JPG P0000188.JPG P0000189.JPG P0000190.JPG P0000191.JPG
P0000192.JPG P0000193.JPG P0000194.JPG P0000195.JPG P0000196.JPG
P0000197.JPG P0000198.JPG P0000199.JPG P0000200.JPG P0000201.JPG
P0000202.JPG P0000203.JPG P0000204.JPG P0000205.JPG P0000206.JPG
P0000207.JPG P0000208.JPG P0000209.JPG P0000210.JPG P0000211.JPG
P0000212.JPG P0000213.JPG P0000214.JPG